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Serranos - 9500 S IH 35 4.1/5

 Rusty and Steve were in South Austin and noticed Serranos so they decided to check it out. They were promptly seated and ordered drinks. Rusty is back on the sweet tea so he was glad they serve it already sweetened. The thin, yellow chips were passable but not too impressive, and were overly salted. The salsa, on the other hand, was quite tasty, thick and fresh with a nice medium heat to it. The lunch specials had cheese and chicken enchiladas available, but the boys went to the main menu. The Clasico Enchilada plates come with your choice of beef, chicken, or cheese topped with your choice of six different sauces making it easy to get exactly what you like. Serranos also gives you a choice of beans: black, charro, or refried.


 Rusty ordered his new fave - beef enchiladas with suiza sauce. From the moment Rusty laid eyes on his nicely presented plate of enchiladas, from the healthy sprinkling of cheese on the refried beans to the fresh Serrano pepper, he knew he was in for a treat. His enchiladas were deliciously creamy with an abundance of sauce and a generous topping of white cheese. They were stuffed full with a tasty beef filling that went well with the smooth and savory sauce. Rusty liked the little bits of onion in the beef filling and the smokiness of the creamy suiza sauce. The refried beans he opted for were one of Rusty's favorites so far, with a rich smoky flavor, while the rice was very flavorful and well cooked with a nice fluffy texture.


Beef Enchiladas

with Suiza Sauce

 Steve went with the Mixto Enchiladas, one cheese with smoky ranchero sauce, one chicken with fire roasted verde sauce, and one beef with chili con carne sauce. He opted for the charro beans which were nicely garnished with chopped tomato, cilantro and scallions. Steve was impressed by all three of his enchiladas. All three were stuffed full and paired with a delicious sauce. The beef enchilada had a chili con carne sauce that was topped with cheddar and white cheese and it was quite tasty. As was the chicken enchilada, with big chunks of chicken meat and a verde sauce that was packed with a rich, roasted flavor and topped off with white cheese. The cheese enchilada didn't disappoint either, with plenty of gooey cheddar inside and white cheese dripping all over the smoky ranchero sauce. Steve really enjoyed his charro beans which were in a wonderful gravy and could have made a meal. He, too, liked the rice which was not too greasy but loaded with good flavors.


Mixto Enchiladas

 The boys were pleasantly surprised with Serranos' enchiladas. It's a bit of a walk to the door due to the way the parking lot is situated, but totally worth the walk. The service was good and attentive. Serranos' doesn't have the cheapest enchiladas in town, but at $10 and $12 for non-lunch special pricing, Rusty and Steve thought their plates were well worth the cost. -¡!-