a sweaty production


Angie's - 1307 E. 7th St. 3.6/5

 You have to look closely - Angie's sneaks up on you. The boys made a block and got a good parking spot right in the front. From the facade, Angie's looks like a pretty fancy place, however once stepping inside the ambiance is seat-yourself informal. The open dining room with its long tables almost had more the feel of a Texas BBQ joint. Not a bad thing! The chips and salsa came right out and Rusty noticed the chips were almost stale even if a little warm. They made a great vehicle, however, for the thick, smoky salsa. With a nice peppery flavor and heat the small bowl of salsa was finished quickly. Fortunately a backup was brought quickly. Rusty has been on a Sprite bender and appreciated the sodas being on tap, he is not a fan of the can but he is a fan of free refills.


 The enchilada choices at Angie's were basic: beef, chicken, or cheese. All purporting to come with "meat sauce". Steve and Rusty both chose the beef enchiladas and opted for onions, a rare option that was a big plus for Rusty. The "meat sauce" turned out to be Tex-Mex standard chili con carne and was very delicious. Topped off nicely with cheddar cheese and the onions. Rusty noted the enchiladas had a wonderful home cooked taste. The filling was ample and savory and plenty of the tasty chili con carne sauce was provided. The beans were nice and chunky with a smoky, meaty taste the boys both love. The rice was good, too, more flavorful than most and cooked nicely.

 The only weak spot in this visit was the service. Just a bit awkward. Steve and Rusty arrived at the tail end of the lunch rush and were helped by a very friendly woman who was busing tables and seemed annoyed at the waiter for not having helped them. The waiter seemed to think the friendly woman was helping them and never went to their table. The friendly buswoman did a great job helping them when she did but toward the end of the meal timely drink refills would have been appreciated. Angie's is one of those places you just pay at the register so don't sit there waiting for the check for ten minutes like the boys did.

 All in all Angie's serves up some delicious enchiladas. The enchilada plates come with three enchiladas so the $8.99 price tag is a pretty good deal. Not much parking so be prepared to park on the street. -¡!-