a sweaty production


Don Dario's - 8801 S. IH 35 3.0/5


 Don Dario's is a little tricky to get to the first time, tucked in between the highway and Home Depot. Luckily Steve had been there before. Entering from the highway you have to turn in a lot sooner than you would think - even with a big "DON DARIO'S" sign it is easy to miss. The equally "tricky-to-find" restaurant entrance is formidable with large heavy doors and spacious foyer. The boys were greeted and seated in no time. Sweet tea is available here. A big plus for Rusty.

 The chips were warm but a little thick. The boys like 'em thin! The salsa was pureed. Not too tomatoey with a lot of flavor of peppers. It had a good heat that lingered nicely. Rusty was not fond of the thin texture of the salsa.

 The service at Don Dario's was friendly and efficient. They asked if tortillas were desired with the enchiladas which is a nice touch. The boys have learned that "red" sauce (as opposed to "rojo") means different things to different restaurants. Here at Don Dario's it was a sweet and savory pureed sauce which Rusty likened to BBQ sauce. It had a nice flavor that worked well with the mildly spiced beef filling. There was plenty of sauce on these enchiladas which is great, a lot of places seem to hold back on the sauce much to the boys distress.


 The rice and beans were typical - not too exciting but that's not why we are here, right? The rice was a little sticky but not too bad. The beans were on the thin side and not particularly flavorful.

 At $7.99 the lunch specials were a pretty good deal. Although the menu states there is a $.75 surcharge for meat in enchiladas the boys were charged $.95, no big deal. They also noticed they weren't charged for drinks but it was unclear if they came with the lunch special or if it was just an oversight. All in all, Don Dario's is a good lunch spot if you can find it. -¡!-