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Curra's Grill - 614 E. Oltorf St. 3.0/5

 The boys were taking care of business in the area so they stopped into Curra's Grill for lunch. It's a small place and the seating is tight but it wasn't too busy and a table was found. The chips were outstanding - nice and thin and crispy. Very few little broken pieces as well. The salsa was a very thick, fresh salsa without much heat to it. It was tomatoey without a lot of spice.


Steve and Rusty both opted for the beef enchiladas with red sauce. Steve was expecting a darker, chili based rojo sauce, but the sauce turned out to be fresh and tomato based. The enchiladas were tasty, especially the filling which had potatoes in with the beef and was nicely flavored. The sauce was very fresh tasting and even though it was simple and not heavily spiced there was an ample amount of it, and it worked well with the filling and the generous portion of white cheese melted  and nicely browned on top.


 The rice was cooked well but pretty bland tasting. The beans were presented in a quite small bowl but the cheese sprinkled on top was a nice touch. The beans had a nice texture but unfortunately fell a little flat on flavor.

 At $9.99 these enchiladas were priced a little high and this is the first place where we have been charged for chips and salsa - $2.99. No sweet tea here, either. All of the food was fresh and minimally spiced which worked well for the enchiladas, not so much for the sides. -¡!-

Steve SweatCurra's Grill