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Flores - 4625 W. William Cannon Dr. 3.65/5

 February found the boys headed over to Flores Mexican Restaurant. Rusty had been to Flores in Oak Hill, now closed, and he was itching to try the newer location on William Cannon. The chips were homemade and pretty tasty if maybe a little thick. The salsa was a cooked variety, not particularly remarkable with a tomatoey flavor. Not very hot but with a little linger. The salsa was served in a deep bowl which held enough salsa for the entire visit.

 Flores doesn't have lunch specials so Steve and Rusty ordered off the regular menu. At Flores you get three enchiladas with your choice of filling and sauce. Steve was glad they also gave you a choice of beans - refried, black, or charro. Steve ordered the beef enchiladas with ranchero sauce and charro beans while Rusty got the beef enchiladas with chili sauce and refried beans. They both noticed the enchiladas had plenty of sauce - something that has been an issue at some places.

 Steve greatly enjoyed his selection. The sauce was very rich and savory made with tomatoes and vegetables. Very flavorful. A generous topping of white cheese and a beef filling that was very nicely spiced and tasty brought it all together. The charro beans were cooked well and the taste was delicious with some meat morsels bringing some smokiness to the bowl.

 Rusty, too, was happy with his enchiladas. The sauce was thick and deep, dark red with a rich chili flavor that was well complemented by the white and cheddar cheeses melted on top. He was pleased that there was plenty of sauce for all three enchiladas. The refried beans were nice and lumpy and also had a nice smokey flavor.

 The rice was the weakest component of the meal. A little under cooked feeling in texture and not particularly flavorful. With no lunch specials the value is a little low however the third enchilada really bumped up the portion.

 Flores serves some very tasty enchiladas. If you are in the neighborhood or even if you have to drive a bit Flores is worth a visit. -¡!-



with Ranchero sauce



with Chili sauce

Steve SweatFlores