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The Onion News Agency Being Sued by its Writing Staff

The satire news agency The Onion has been served a lawsuit in its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. The suit was brought on by its main writing staff and accuses the artificial news outlet of reckless endangerment in assigning the writers to exotic and hostile environments.
  "I just did a piece on an astronaut who was left behind on the moon during NASA's Apollo missions and has been living solely on cheese and space dust. Well let me tell you, the moon is a harsh, um, environment!" laments longtime Onion correspondent Chuck Luna, "and don't get me started on the Middle East conflict."
 "It was a bipolar bear incident I was researching that put me over the edge" adds Lucy Cannon. "Bears are very dangerous to begin with but when you throw a flippantly imaginary psychological condition into the mix things are bound to get grizzly."
 And it doesn't end there.

Weird O.