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¡Enchiladas! - La Posada - 6800 Westgate Blvd. 4.4/5

For their twentieth installment of ¡Enchiladas! the boys met up with Austin music fixture, Nathan Olivarez, at his neighborhood go to, La Posada, for a round of enchiladas. Nathan isn’t particularly an enchilada guy but he played along fabulously. Nathan, or “Nasty Nathan” if you will, an early moniker which has stuck through his long career in Austin music, was right on time - 1:23pm. Nothing nasty, though, as he introduced Steve and Rusty to one of his favorites, La Posada. The boys were immediately impressed with the chips and salsa. The chips were thin, crispy, and fresh. The salsa was nicely textured and flavored with a lot of heat which made you reach for the next chip dipped in glorious salsa to cool the burn - starting a cycle of first cooling your tongue with the salsa then the burn creeping back in necessitating yet another chipload of salsa for yet another cool-down... All were in agreement that heat is a good thing in a salsa.


Nathan usually goes off the menu with his own magnificent creations too complex to describe here; and today, much like he does with his musical brainchild, Stupid Drama, he went his own direction. Nathan ordered the Super Combo which happened to include one cheese enchilada. Nathan had them add an extra cheese enchilada so that his order replicated an enchilada plate with bonus sides - chicken fajitas, a tamale, guacamole, and a taco. While Nathan may not have a favorite enchilada he believes that cheese enchiladas are a good measuring stick for a Mexican restaurant. He also found balance in getting something different from Steve or Rusty. Nathan was very happy with his cheese enchiladas. Nathan looks for GIRTH in his enchiladas and La Posada delivered the girth. Plenty of cheese on the inside as well as on top with a hearty enchilada sauce Nathan found to be quite delicious. Nathan really likes the way the cheese gels as it cools and delivers a nice firm texture. Nathan was not displeased by the beans and was complimentary of the rice, enjoying the vegetables as a nice added touch.


Super Combo

with two cheese enchiladas

Steve and Rusty reversed what they typically order with Rusty getting the beef enchiladas with chili con carne and Steve going for the chicken enchiladas with tomatillo sauce. Steve was very impressed by his selection, the plentiful chicken was juicy and tasty while the tangy tomatillo sauce was very flavorful and spicy. Plenty of Monterrey jack cheese was melted on top for a delicious combination of flavors. He thought the beans were good with a nice chunky texture and found the rice to be very flavorful in a savory way, not particularly spicy. Steve echoed Nathan’s sentiments that veggies in the rice are a good addition. Rusty was blown away by his beef enchiladas which came with a chili con carne sauce. They were stuffed with well flavored beef and covered with plenty of chunky chili con carne sauce. The sauce was very rich and savory - bursting with flavor. A generous topping of cheddar cheese tied it all together. Rusty, too, enjoyed the rice and beans. La Posada serves their enchiladas with tortillas on the side which is a nice touch.


Beef Enchiladas

with Chili Con Carne


Chicken Enchiladas

with tomatillo sauce

“This is real Mexican food!”, says Nathan Olivarez of La Posada. Steve and Rusty wouldn’t argue that, they were both pleasantly surprised by this charming little hole in the wall tucked innocently away in a shopping center in South Austin. The food and service were top notch. Nathan is a busy man with a strong work ethic who knows nothing will be handed to those who don’t keep their nose to the grindstone. He tries to keep a positive outlook despite the all too regular news of the passing of his friends and colleagues in the music world. You can keep up with Nathan Olivarez and his Stupid Drama here -¡!-

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