a sweaty production


Little Mexico - 2304 South 1st St. 4.0/5

 Little Mexico is one of those places you can drive by for years and never really notice. It blends in with its surroundings and the parking lot isn't visible from the road. Turns out there is quite a bit of parking hidden behind the restaurant, and as well as a front door there is a back door for easy entry from the parking lot. Steve and Rusty finally found a door and took a table at the back.

 The chips and salsa were really good. The chips were light and crisp. The salsa was fresh and delicious. Nice and thick, sticking to the chips. A lot of jalapeno flavor with jalapeno seeds visible in the salsa giving it a great kick of heat.


 Little Mexico doesn't really do traditional lunch specials, instead seeming to offer one day only menu offerings in the same price range as their standard prices. Tuesday is the only day beef enchiladas are offered on the menu; as the special of the day. However, the boys asked if they could get the beef enchiladas even though it was Monday and were told that would be no problem. The enchilada sauce, or "meat gravy" as they call it, was unique. It had a peach color and in contrast to the salsa was mild yet quite flavorful. Very hearty and savory. The boys found them to be extremely delicious!


 The rice and beans were very good to boot. The rice tasted fried with a great texture. The beans were home-style with a good smoky, lard flavor. The only real criticism of the meal was the service. Friendly enough and the food came quickly, but not particularly attentive. A little more chips and salsa would have been nice. Tea sat empty a little longer than necessary (get some big tea glasses. they rule!). At $9.49 it's not a discount lunch but the food was good across the board. -¡!-