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Cilantro's - 1025 W. Stassney Lane 2.5/5

 Cilantro's is right around the corner from You Aren't Weird Headquarters so the boys popped in for a late lunch. The restaurant is a Mom and Pop operation and only open until 6pm. The boys were the only customers there and were greeted by a friendly "Mom" who got them drinks and brought out some chips and salsa.


 Steve had heard they served their salsa warm and even noticed a plaque on the wall from winning "Best Place to get Warm Salsa" from the Chronicle sometime in the past, but the salsa was served cool. It was runny and pretty bland with no discernible heat. Dripping all over the table and menu runny. The chips were a little stale but would have been passable otherwise.

 The boys really wanted to love these enchiladas as Cilantro's is so close by and things looked promising when they arrived at the table. Unfortunately the rice and beans were the most flavorful things on the plate and even they weren't particularly tasty. While the enchiladas weren't "bad" they had missed a stop in flavor town. While the dark red sauce gave the hope of a rich savory flavor it could have come from a can labeled "mild". Steve scraped his plate hoping to uncover some kind of flavor to describe but came up empty. Rusty had already given up his flavor quest. The tortillas they used were pretty decent but the cheese seemed processed and the beef filling was uninspiring.


 On the positive side the enchiladas were only $6.99 and included three enchiladas which is a dang good deal! The lettuce and tomato was a nice fresh touch and the tea glass was huge so no refill was needed (though it would have been nice to be asked). If you want a cheap, filling meal in a hurry there are much worse options out there. A perfect place to take a spice averse friend. The boys have heard the breakfast tacos are good here and hope to sample them soon. -¡!-