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Casa Garcia's - 1901 W. William Cannon Dr 2.9/5

 Steve and Rusty went into Casa Garcia's with great expectations. After all, Casa Garcia's has been on their short list of "go-to's" for quite some time now. The chips were just as they remembered - nice, thin, and crisp. The salsa wasn't bad but not too exciting. A little burn but not too much, a creeper burn that came on several minutes after eating. As always the Garcias team worked together with the "chip guy" bringing more salsa and chips just before they were needed, a big plus.

 The first warning sign was when the plates came out and Rusty noticed the chicken enchiladas he ordered were a little smallish and not generous with the tomatillo sauce. Steve's beef enchiladas looked okay if not a little light on the chili con carne sauce. On the positive side, for the first time while doing an ¡Enchiladas! visit, when the plates were served the server asked if the boys wanted some tortillas. They opted for corn tortillas. Casa Garcia's makes their tortillas fresh in the restaurant and they are quite delicious! Rusty liked the flavor of his enchiladas but was disappointed by the portion. Small enchiladas without much chicken inside and skimpy on the sauce. Steve thought his enchiladas were a little firmer than most when he noticed they were double wrapped - two tortillas and a little light on the barely spiced ground beef. The sauce was a nicely flavored chili con carne. Casa Garcia's only charges 6.99 for the beef enchiladas lunch special, and 7.29 for the chicken enchiladas with tomatillo sauce. Steve and Rusty agreed they would rather pay a little more for heftier enchiladas.

 The refried beans at Casa Garcia's were the big standout. Very flavorful! There was pork involved with these beans and that is a good thing. The rice was very fresh and hot. Rusty wanted a little more spice to the rice, while Steve appreciated the freshness of it.

 All in all, the enchiladas were good. Maybe not so much as the boys had remembered. Casa Garcia's is a busy restaurant and they are quite adept at feeding a lot of people. Their staff works together very well to provide good service and they keep people coming back. -¡!-


Beef Enchiladas


Chicken Enchiladas

with tomatillo sauce

Steve SweatCasa Garcias