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Jalapeño's - 1940 W. William Cannon 2.5/5

 Steve and Rusty decided to start this blog with Jalapeño's on William Cannon. They were always impressed anyone would open a Mexican food restaurant right across from Casa Garcias, one of their "go-to's".

  The service at Jalapeño's was great. The food was decent but not spectacular. At $6.99 the lunch special is a great deal even if it doesn't include the drink. (cont.)



 Steve loved the salsa while it was a bit spicy and heavy on the cilantro for Rusty. The chips weren't stale but were not standout. Steve and Rusty have a similar leaning toward a thin, white chip cooked fresh on site. These chips were the thicker yellow variety and not apparent if made on site.

The guys both went with the obligatory beef enchiladas - one of them will always order beef enchiladas - and they agreed that while they weren't bad they wouldn't be surprised if there was a gringo in the kitchen. The beef didn't seem to be spiced and the sauce had a flavor reminiscent of your everyday canned variety. Not horrible but a bit pedestrian. The cheese was a plentiful combination of cheddar and a white cheese that that helped save these enchiladas from total boredom. The beans were refried and mostly resembled a bean paste. While their flavor was adequate they weren't far from a fast food variety. The rice tried to look promising with some veggies added but really fell flat with a lack of any discernible spice.

 If you are in the neighborhood, Jalapeño's is a nice budget lunch with fast, friendly service. It gives the feel of a place that is geared a little more to the cantina side of things. -¡!-

Steve Sweat